The Poisoned Princess (Warders Book 1)

After being selected by a panel of independent reviewers, The Poisoned Princess earned 2nd prize in the 2015 Fantasy Prize Writer competition.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

PoisonedPrincessLighter2Overview for The Poisoned PrincessForced to leave the elven forest because of his barbarian heritage, half-elven Toran finds work in a rundown tavern in Eridan’s thieves’ quarter.  Combining his keen elven senses and barbarian battle skills he thwarts an assassination attempt on a visiting princess and earns an invitation to join the secret protectors of Eridan, known as the Warders. Working with a traitor, a second assassin poisons the princess. Led by the dwarf Draham, Toran and the princess’s lady in waiting, set out to retrieve the antidote’s key ingredient, while other Warder agents infiltrate royal society to capture the traitor.

Review for The Poisoned Princess:

The Poisoned Princess (Book 1 of the Warders), is a fun book, appropriate for all ages.  A great underdog story with trials, tribulations, excitement and good over evil – everything you need for a great Fantastic Fiction.  The characters are well-defined, likable (and hate-able) and easy to identify with.  If you have ever enjoyed stories like the Belgariad, Sword of Truth, Harry Potter or The Earthsea stories, then you must read this book.  It has been a long time since I have been sorry to see a book end.  I cannot wait for the next installment to see how things develop for Toran, Adara, and the others. ~ Richard Plotka


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