Map Monday, Who really discovered America?

Who discovered America?  This simple three word question often elicits strong reactions.  Why?  Primarily because other than a wind-blown Chinese junk the generally accepted answers are all Europeans.  As a fifth-grader I was required to write a paragraph answering this question.  I dutifully wrote several sentences about the expected answer… Read more“Map Monday, Who really discovered America?”

New Review for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection

For small press and independent authors a new review is like receiving a letter back in the days before email, texting, and social media.  I know I’m showing my age, but I love getting physical mail.  To this day I look forward to walking to my mailbox and retrieving the… Read more“New Review for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection”

News and updates for the end of 2016

I want to take a quick moment to share some exciting news and updates about both the Misaligned and Warder series as well as additions to my appearance schedule. New Review First is a new review for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection. I’m particularly proud of this one as it comes… Read more“News and updates for the end of 2016”