Map Monday, Who really discovered America?

Who discovered America?  This simple three word question often elicits strong reactions.  Why?  Primarily because other than a wind-blown Chinese junk the generally accepted answers are all Europeans.  As a fifth-grader I was required to write a paragraph answering this question.  I dutifully wrote several sentences about the expected answer… Read more“Map Monday, Who really discovered America?”

Map Monday, gerrymandering US congressional districts

Gerrymandering is the art of drawing political boundaries to benefit a particular party.  The term traces its origins to early 19th century machinations of Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry.  In 1812 the governor approved the creation of convoluted districts that benefited his party.  One of the districts wrapped around the city… Read more“Map Monday, gerrymandering US congressional districts”

Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad

How do Americans die abroad?  With few exceptions (baby animals, grandmothers, and cat videos come to mind) humans seem predisposed to prefer bad news.  Even the aforementioned triumvirate of feel good stories rarely serve as lead stories.  Bad news gets top billing.  The cute stuff sits on the back page… Read more“Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad”