Map Monday, Japanese Internment Camps

The creation of Japanese internment camps represents an under examined aspect of American participation in World War II.  On 19 February 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066.  Ostensibly driven by security concerns, 9066 authorized the relocation and internment of Japanese Americans.  Using confidential US Census Bureau information… Read more“Map Monday, Japanese Internment Camps”

Map Monday, US without European Colonization

What if European colonization of the US never happened?  That’s right no Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, Cartier, Bering, or Ponce de Leon.  No founding of St. Augustine, Jamestown, Plymouth, or any other European outpost.  How does this come to be? Maybe the Vikings’ tales of hostile natives and poor farmland… Read more“Map Monday, US without European Colonization”

Map Monday, Per capita oddities for each US state

Map Monday continues the popular (by my admittedly subjective standard) series of ‘what each state leads in‘ with a look at per capita oddities.  I’m often asked how I find the maps featured on Map Monday.  As with most things I do, there’s no specific formula.  In this case I… Read more“Map Monday, Per capita oddities for each US state”