Review of Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon by Frank D Rogers

Review of ‘Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon’ by Frank D Rogers (July 2016):

Supreme Tiger Princess DragonFrank D. Rogers’ Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon presents a fast-paced romantic adventure story with a unique genre-crossing depiction of magic and technology.  He deftly intermingles modern elements with classical high fantasy fixtures.  Readers may scoff at the inclusion of DNA manipulation alongside dragons and unicorns as a gimmick, but in Rogers’ capable hands there is no dichotomy – it just works.

The dynamics of the relationship between the soon to be crowned princess and a rogue Paladin drive the story.  The unlikely pair dances through their obvious, yet unrequitable attraction for each other against the backdrop of the princess’s preparation for her tribute ceremony.  The ceremony entails retracing the traditional path to the dragon queen’s lair and offering her gifts.  If the dragon queen finds the gifts and the princess acceptable, she returns to the kingdom and ascends the throne.  Of course all is not as it appears.  As the princess and the Paladin delve deeper into their emotions they uncover secrets about each other and their world.  In less skilled hands the story might seem cliché, but Rogers’ adept plot twists and genre-busting world provide the necessary ingredients to keep Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon a spell-binding read.


While written for adults Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon contains no explicit or foul language.  The story contains numerous action sequences, which Rogers handles well without resorting to overly graphic descriptions.  Romance and strong sexual undertones flow throughout the narrative.  Rogers treats them with an understated style that leaves no doubt as to what happens without resorting to titillating descriptions.  This is a romantic adventure tale that invites readers to participate with their minds as well as their hearts.  If Hollywood turned Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon into a movie and remained true to the author’s vision, it would receive a PG-13 rating.   With that qualification, I highly recommend this well told tale to anyone interested in a refreshing take on magic, dragons, and romance.

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**In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy of this book **