Where to Purchase Armen’s Books

Books in both the Misaligned and the Warder series are published by Synergebooks a small press that has been bringing quality digital books to its readers since 1999.  Synergebooks carries nearly 400 digital titles and recently began offering nearly a quarter of them in print.  Readers can purchase books in a variety of popular digital as well as print formats directly from Synergebooks.  Besides simplifying your search for quality books, by eliminating the big site middlemen, this also puts a few more dollars into your favorite author’s pockets at no extra cost to you!

Here are the direct links to purchase my books through Synergebooks:

Misaligned:  The Celtic Connection@Synergebooks

Misaligned:  The Silver Scepter@Synergebooks

Misaligned:  The Darkest Day@Synergebooks

The Poisoned Princess@Synergebooks

The Counterfeit Count@Synergebooks

The Dragon’s Den@Synergebooks

The Necrotic Knight@Synergebooks

If you feel the need to share your hard-earned dollars with the major retailers, or perhaps you happen to have a few bucks leftover on a gift card, have no fear.  All of my books are also available at many popular sites.

Major Retailer Links

Armen’s Books@Amazon

Armen’s Books@AmazonUK

Armen’s Books@B&N

Armen’s Books@Smashwords

Armen’s Books@Kobo

Armen’s Books@Apple


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