Warder Series

This award winning YA high fantasy series follows the adventures of special agents in the secret organization known as the Warders.  Warder agents are masters of stealth, disguise, and experts in the use of all manner of weaponry.  Working together the team of elves, dwarves, and humans use their skills and magic to thwart the plots of the demonically inspired Chaotic Order.  It’s a multi-threaded James Bond-like venture that features intrigue mixed with magic and sword-play.  The series includes descriptions of battle scenes, but no foul language, no drug use and no overt sexual scenes.  If the series were a movie it would receive a PG rating.

Excerpts from select reviews:

“…Pogharian, skillfully answers the questions as he twists and turns to the very satisfying ending.” (Best Selling Author, Betty Dravis)

“With the subtlety of an experienced YA author, Pogharian brings a vivid world into creation.” (Elissa Dill, USA)

“If you have ever enjoyed stories like the Belgariad, Sword of Truth, Harry Potter or The Earthsea stories, then you must read this book.” (Richard Plotka, USA)

“Thoroughly enjoyed this. Nothing like a bit of fun and fantasy to unwind with after a hectic day: elves, princesses, quests… what more could we want?  Well book two maybe?” (Award Winning Author, Helen Hollick)
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