‘The Moon Stealers The Everlasting Night’ by Tim Flanagan (Book 3)

MS3Tim Flanagan’s The Moon Stealers The Everlasting Night is the third book in his four book Moon Stealers series. This book returns to a dystopian version of our world, where the Moon Stealers have wreaked havoc on the planet. Steven, Georgia, and Tracker must navigate the ruins of English civilization to reach London where a fellow group of survivors are organizing to counter the deadly invaders. On their trek through the wreckage they encounter others who have managed to avoid the Moon Stealers, too. A few become allies and join their trip to London; some are content to pillage the countryside, and some are not what they appear to be. The trick for the three survivors is to figure out which group is which as they attempt rally against the Moon Stealers.

While I enjoyed Mr. Flanagan’s unique take on some classic high fantasy themes in the second book, I think his writing style is more at home in the dystopian English countryside. In this third installment of the series he abandons the multi-threaded story arcs of the first two books and delivers a page-turning science fiction thriller. If the action sequences are more personal than in Queen of the Underworld, the consequences of their outcomes are even greater. This is a life and death struggle not only for Steven, Georgia, and Tracker, but for the entire planet. Mr. Flanagan deftly develops his lead characters expertly revealing depths that were only hinted at in the first book. I must admit that I was slightly disappointed in the second book of the series, but The Everlasting Night blew those disappointments away. I can’t wait to read the conclusion of the series.

Appropriate for tweens there is no foul language or sexual content of any kind. The Moon Stealers The Everlasting Night lacks the epic battles of the second book. It’s more of a mystery thriller that requires more thought from its readers. That said there are still plenty of harrowing situations, not all of which favor the lead characters. If it was a movie these scenes would earn a PG rating. With that qualification, I recommend The Moon Stealers The Everlasting Night to any tweens (and their parents) who enjoy dystopian mystery thrillers.

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