The Dragon’s Den (Warders Book 3)

Warders Book 3, The Dragon’s Den is now available through all major e-retailers in all popular e-book formats. All formats also available through Synergebooks website (The Dragon’s Den) for the same low price, but more of your money gets to your favorite hard-working author (me, in case you were wondering) instead of the middle-man (e.g., Amazon).

Dragon's Den Final CoverSeven were chosen to take the test; with skills above all the rest
Yet their power did not avail; for their task they did fail
Secrets they took to the grave; so the world they could save
Accepting scorn they were shunned; all are dead except the one
If the demons rise again; seek you must the dragon’s den

An agent is killed, a magical artifact is stolen, and a rogue assassin appears in Eridan. All are connected to the Chaotic Order, but what is their link to ancient tales of dark elven sorcery and dragons? Once again Warder agents are called to answer the challenge. With the help of the assassin Khelan, the veteran dwarf Draham, half-elven Toran, and rising mage Adara embark on a mission to decipher the riddle. Khelan may be the key to their success, can the Warders trust the former Shaulan or will she betray them to the Chaotic Order?

Review of The Dragon’s Den

In The Dragon’s Den by Armen Pogharian, a runaway Shaulin assassin leads Warder agents in a race to thwart a sorceress of the Chaotic Order who plans to raise a demon army. Dark elves and dwarves abound in their thrilling quest for a scepter, a diadem, and a magic stone. As in any good fantasy adventure, the reader must puzzle through clues to find the truth while riding a rollercoaster of exhilarating action. Other than a few references to pleasure girls, The Dragon’s Den is appropriate for readers even on the younger end of Young Adult. I recommend The Dragon’s Den to anyone who enjoys classic fantasy. In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy of The Dragon’s Den in exchange for an honest review. ~ Roxanne Smolen, Award winning author

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