The Darkest Day (Book 3)

Misaligned_CoverOverview for Misaligned: The Darkest Day – Something is attacking the structure of the multiverse and releasing higher-dimensional energy into Piper Falls, NY. The increased power emboldens the reenergized Bodach to wreak havoc on the small town. It also draws more terrifying entities to the town, including a former Bodach commander seeking to avenge her defeat at the hands of King Arthur, a mysterious shape-shifter known as the Newiddyn, and a destructive Celtic spirit. Penny and her allies must defeat the Bodach, restore the integrity of the dimensional fabrics and prevent the new entities from unleashing the apocalypse of The Darkest Day.

Review for Book 3:  Misaligned: The Darkest Day

FANTASTIC!!, December 5, 2014 By Books4Tomorrow

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Misaligned series, I really looked forward to reading The Darkest Day. As expected, I was not at all disappointed. A shape shifter from Celtic mythology unintentionally draws a truly nasty beasty, the Twrch Trwyth into this dimension when it crosses over. Connected with a prophecy of apocalyptic proportions, said beasty proceeds to tear the structure of the multiverse apart. Once again it is up to Penny, Duncan, Mr. Myrdin, Master Poe, and my favorite character, the cait sith, Simon, to save the town and, perhaps, the world.

Deeply rooted in Arthurian legend, this book captivated me to the point that I simply couldn’t put it down. As Piper Falls and surrounding areas are rife with supernatural energy, it becomes a hotspot for reenergized bodach, as well as a bodach commander who has waited approximately 1600 years to get her revenge.

I absolutely love that, despite the responsibility of monumental paranormal events, Penny and Duncan still act their age. Like normal kids they still stress about school work, enjoy favorite food, and indulge in play. Best of all, Penny has a sense of humor that pops up at unexpected moments, thus keeping the story from getting too dark. A major bonus for me is the total absence of romance in this book.

Although The Darkest Day is mainly a suspense laden paranormal adventure, the descriptions of technology as well as the interesting historical facts makes it a decidedly stimulating read. I highly recommend this book to all young people—really anybody who is young at heart, as a lively, thrilling, yet heartwarming, MUST-READ. (By Ellen Fritz of Books4Tomorrow)


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