The Celtic Connection (Book 1)

After being selected by a panel of independent reviewers, Misaligned:  The Celtic Connection earned 3rd prize in the 2015 Young Adult Prize Writer competition.  Thanks to everyone for their support!


MisalignedCvr250Overview for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection – When the Shadows from her nightmare attack her in the cafeteria, eighth grader Penny Preston panics and unknowingly creates a trans-dimensional rift.  The rift banishes the Shadows, but instigates a food fight ending with the principal dripping tapioca.  Summoned to the counselor’s office, she fears suspension, but instead discovers that she is misaligned. She exists in more than three dimensions.  Misalignment gives her special abilities, but unless she immediately begins training she risks losing her sanity.  She agrees to secretly train with her counselor and his friend Master Poe, an exile from the seventh dimension trapped in a raven’s body.  In training, she learns that she is the key to preventing higher-dimensional beings from entering our universe. If she fails, they will gain god-like powers in our dimension, treating us like cartoon characters existing solely for their entertainment.  Together with Simon, her multi-dimensional cat, Penny struggles to save her relationship with her best friend, protect her universe, and uncover her connection to Celtic myth.

Review for Book 1:  Misaligned: The Celtic Connection

Meet Penny, born with one eye a different colour from the other. She’s slowly realising that she’s a little different from her peers but before she can explore it fully, she’s thrust into life as someone who is misaligned – that is someone who can see other dimensions and travel between them. The only problem is there’s some power that’s desperate to harness what she can do to open their own portal to another dimension. This book is down right AWESOME. I was a little unsure as to whether I’d enjoy it and I’m very pleased to say that I was completely wrong! I found myself at night saying “just one more chapter” and then when it ended I was desperate to read more of Penny’s adventures and so have bought the other two in the series which I’ll also be reviewing. Armen Pogharian is an excellent writer who knows how to pull you into the story, leave you hanging desperate for more and keep you reading page after page. I expect great things from the sequels and I am completely sure that I will not be disappointed, nor will you if you give this series a read! HIGHLY recommended! ~ Joey Paul


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