Updated Book Review Page

As long time readers of this blog and fans of my books know, I’ve never been particularly shy about asking (begging, cajoling, or pestering?) for a book review.  Feedback helps everyone improve and in the publishing world reviews are the gold standard.  While reviews are important to every author, they’re… Read more“Updated Book Review Page”

Why do adults write and read YA Fantasy?

When people find out I’m a published author there’s no mistaking the surprised (especially if they know me) and dare I say impressed look on their faces.  It’s a powerful form of feedback that I freely admit warms my soul.  Fear not, like Frosty in the Greenhouse, the fleeting excitement… Read more“Why do adults write and read YA Fantasy?”

What’s the fascination with Atlantis?

The mystery of Atlantis begins with Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias.  He asserts that Atlantis was destroyed in a single day after a failed attempt to conquer Athens.  His tale sparked a two thousand year search for the lost continent.  Despite Plato’s militaristic potrayal of the Atlanteans, most references depict… Read more“What’s the fascination with Atlantis?”