Book Reviews Anonymous & The Poisoned Princess

The advent of e-publishing and on demand printing has been a great boon to writers.  I’d argue its impact approaches that of the moveable type printing press or compulsory education.  Sounds like an overstatement?  In the US alone nearly 1500 new books are published every day.  That’s right more than… Read more“Book Reviews Anonymous & The Poisoned Princess”

Release of The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book 4)

Do you suffer from abibliophobia1?  Don’t worry.  I’m happy to announce a guaranteed cure for this modern day scourge.  The Necrotic Knight, the fourth book in the Warders series, is now available in all popular ebook formats through Synergebooks, Amazon, and other major ebook vendors. The Warders is an award… Read more“Release of The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book 4)”

Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad

How do Americans die abroad?  With few exceptions (baby animals, grandmothers, and cat videos come to mind) humans seem predisposed to prefer bad news.  Even the aforementioned triumvirate of feel good stories rarely serve as lead stories.  Bad news gets top billing.  The cute stuff sits on the back page… Read more“Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad”