Map Monday, Happy 50th Birthday to Star Trek

NBC broadcast the first episode of Star Trek on September 8th 1966.  Sold as a spacey version of Wagon Train the series took a cerebral twist.  Told through a sixties cultural lens it explored racism,  fear of technology, and weapons of mass destruction.  Unfortunately the five year mission of the… Read more“Map Monday, Happy 50th Birthday to Star Trek”

Map Monday, D-Day Invasion Facts

D-Day is military shorthand for the first day of a military operation.  The jargon also includes H-Hour, which refers to the first hour of the operation.  These codes provide additional secrecy and allow enhanced planning.  By combining the letters with positive or negative numbers planners can specify exact times for… Read more“Map Monday, D-Day Invasion Facts”

Map Monday, Where to go for sunshine

Sunshine or sunlight is essential to life on Earth.  Sure a small subset of organisms thrive in places that sunshine never reaches, but most are at least indirectly dependent on solar energy.  Whether they live in ever-dark caves or in the depths of the oceans most food chains can be… Read more“Map Monday, Where to go for sunshine”