Map Monday, what’s the biggest environmental failure of your state?

How does each state lead the nation in environmental failure?  That’s a rather tough question for 7:29 on a Monday morning in the summer.  Ah but this blog has never shied away from taking on the tough ones.  To be fair, it’s easy to tackle the tougher topics when you’re… Read more“Map Monday, what’s the biggest environmental failure of your state?”

Map Monday, gerrymandering US congressional districts

Gerrymandering is the art of drawing political boundaries to benefit a particular party.  The term traces its origins to early 19th century machinations of Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry.  In 1812 the governor approved the creation of convoluted districts that benefited his party.  One of the districts wrapped around the city… Read more“Map Monday, gerrymandering US congressional districts”

Map Monday, Jobs for College Grads

For most Americans their homes represent their single largest investment, but times are changing especially for college grads.  The new challenger is a bachelors degree.  The costs to attend college consistently outpace inflation.  Other than healthcare, education costs are rising faster than those in any other sector of the economy. … Read more“Map Monday, Jobs for College Grads”