Map Monday, Jobs for College Grads

For most Americans their homes represent their single largest investment, but times are changing especially for college grads.  The new challenger is a bachelors degree.  The costs to attend college consistently outpace inflation.  Other than healthcare, education costs are rising faster than those in any other sector of the economy. … Read more“Map Monday, Jobs for College Grads”

Map Monday, lactose intolerance around the world

When I was younger I never heard of lactose intolerance.  In recent years it has become almost common place.  Grocery store aisles are filled with “safe” dairy products and aids for digesting natural dairy foods.  The condition is so well known that it’s become a comedic tool in popular TV… Read more“Map Monday, lactose intolerance around the world”

Map Monday, The Great War a hundred years on

One hundred years ago Europe was in the grip of the Great War.  Two years prior the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip ignited the war.  The formal alliance system which brought stability for a generation failed.  Instead of providing security through strength, the rigid entanglement… Read more“Map Monday, The Great War a hundred years on”