How Important is Reality in Fantasy or Science Fiction?

I know what you’re thinking two posts in two days, talk about trouble with reality!  To be fair, you did sign-up for this or at least knowingly clicked on a link.  Also, yesterday’s post was a self-serving plea for you to support my books in the Prize Writer contest.  As… Read more“How Important is Reality in Fantasy or Science Fiction?”

Why do adults write and read YA Fantasy?

When people find out I’m a published author there’s no mistaking the surprised (especially if they know me) and dare I say impressed look on their faces.  It’s a powerful form of feedback that I freely admit warms my soul.  Fear not, like Frosty in the Greenhouse, the fleeting excitement… Read more“Why do adults write and read YA Fantasy?”

Review of Linda Deane’s Angel Bones

It’s been awhile since I posted a book review.  Given the superficial similarities between Ms. Deane’s story and mine, I thought Angel Bones would be great place to pick up. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a YA fantasy author whose first series is rooted in ancient history and… Read more“Review of Linda Deane’s Angel Bones”