New Review for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection

For small press and independent authors a new review is like receiving a letter back in the days before email, texting, and social media.  I know I’m showing my age, but I love getting physical mail.  To this day I look forward to walking to my mailbox and retrieving the… Read more“New Review for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection”

Book Reviews Anonymous & The Poisoned Princess

The advent of e-publishing and on demand printing has been a great boon to writers.  I’d argue its impact approaches that of the moveable type printing press or compulsory education.  Sounds like an overstatement?  In the US alone nearly 1500 new books are published every day.  That’s right more than… Read more“Book Reviews Anonymous & The Poisoned Princess”

Review of Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon

Review of ‘Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon’ by Frank D Rogers (July 2016): Frank D. Rogers’ Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon presents a fast-paced romantic adventure story with a unique genre-crossing depiction of magic and technology.  He deftly intermingles modern elements with classical high fantasy fixtures.  Readers may scoff at the inclusion… Read more“Review of Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon”