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Latest News & Events:

(January 2018)  Speaking at Barker Road Middle School (the 3rd)

(December 2017)  I’m excited to announce my first internet radio interview with Crimson Cloak Publishing radio. Here’s a link. The program features a song during the first five minutes or so. We also had a minor tech issue (I’m a bit low in the mix), so if you want to get to the interview you can skip to around 7:30. Crimson Cloak Interview Recording

(December 2017)  My recent interview with UK blogger Fiona Mcvie.  Interview Link

(December 2017)  Speaking at Calkins Road Middle School (the 14th)

(November 2017) The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book IV) is now available for purchase in print through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

(October 2017)  Synergebooks decided to bring The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book IV) to print in time for Christmas.  Stay tuned for more details.

(April 2017)  Another round of speaking engagements at both Calkins Road and Barker Road middle schools in May.  I’d post specifics, but they’re closed events.  If you have any events needing a guest speaker please let me know.  I’m even more interesting in person.

(November 2016)  Confirmed appearances before the holiday season.

  1. Local Author Book Signing Event.  Saturday 3 December 2:00-4:00 at the Fairport public library.  Feel free to bring copies of your favorite books for signature or better yet purchase new books from your favorite local authors.
  2. Local Author Holiday Extravaganza.  Sunday 18 December 12:00-4:00 at Lift Bridge Bookstore.  The event features more than a dozen local authors who are more than happy to discuss their work and sign copies of their books.  Snacks and beverages will be available.
  3. Finally I will be speaking at both Barker Road and Calkins Road middle schools as part of their career skills unit several times during December.

(August 2016)  Big News – On Saturday 3 December the Fairport public library will be hosting a local author book fair.  While participating authors have not been officially announced, I can tell you that I’ve been selected.  So mark your calendars and come to the newly renovated Fairport public library and meet local authors.  In addition to meeting and talking to authors, you will be able to purchase signed copies of our books.

(July 2016)  Unfortunately I’ve had to cancel my appearance in Lift Bridge Bookstore Authors under the Awning event in August. Lift Bridge has always been very supportive of me and other local artists – they were the first local store to carry my books. Please consider visiting them during the Brockport Arts Festival or any other time for that matter.  As always thanks for all of your support.

(May 2016) Since last year was such a great success I’m heading back to Lift Bridge Bookstore to participate in their Under the Awnings event.  It’s part of the 2016 Brockport Arts Festival during the weekend of 13-14 August.  About a dozen local authors will be manning tables in front of the store.  We’ll answer questions, give away prizes, and of course sign copies of our books.  I’ll be there from 11-1 on Saturday the 13th.  If you’re looking for a fun family friendly weekend event please drop in.

(April 2016) Confirmed presentations at Calkins Road Middle School (5/18) and Barker Road Middle School (5/17 & 5/18)

(March 2016)  Formal Release of The Dragon’s Den, Warders Book 3!  Available through all major e-retailers in all popular e-book formats.  All formats also available through Synergebooks website (The Dragon’s Den) for the same low price, but more of your money gets to me instead of the middle-man (e.g., Amazon).

(December 2015)  Presentation at Calkins Road 12/15 and Barker Road Middle School 12/17.

(October 2015) I’ve accepted an invitation to serve as the keynote speaker for the Honeoye Falls-Lima school district career night.  This is a repeat gig, which suggests I was entertaining or they couldn’t find anyone else.  To decide for yourself, by all means visit the main auditorium in the HFL high school at 7:00 on Tuesday 3 November.

(July 2015) Confirmed appearance as a featured author for Lift Bridge Bookstore’s Under the Awnings event as part of the 2015 Brockport Arts Festival on 8 August 2015.  I’ll be answering questions, giving away bookmarks, and signing copies of my books (hoping the print copies of Misaligned:  The Darkest Day are available) from 12-2 in front of the store.  If you’re looking for a fun family friendly weekend event come to the festival on Saturday and drop by my table.

(July 2015)  I’m probably a bit late with this one, but I’ve just verified that The Poisoned Princess is now available via Apple. Thanks to my publisher for working to with Apple to solve the problem.

(28 June 2015)  Work has begun on the paperback edition of Misaligned: The Darkest Day. My cover artist Jennifer at Acapella Book Cover Design has completed a mock up. It’s a slight departure from the first two books, but still features one of the characters on the back. Still probably a several weeks before formal release, but we’re getting close.

My apologies to the students of Mrs. Gerby’s first and second period class at Barker Road Middle School.  Apparently I was supposed to speak on Tuesday 26 May NOT Wednesday the 27th.  The mistake is on me.  Please understand that I didn’t mean to stand you up.  I’ve asked Mrs. Gerby to keep me in mind if another slot opens up.

Confirmed speaking engagement with students at Calkins Road Middle School (13 May 2015) and Barker Road Middle School (27 May 2015)

(5 March 2015)  The final results are in and both novels are award winners!
Misaligned: The Celtic Connection earned 3rd Place

The Poisoned Princess finished in 2nd Place

None of this would’ve been possible without your patience and gracious support.

Thank You!



(9 February 2015) After a week of voting in the 2015 Prize Writer contest, Misaligned is currently in 5th place for Young Adult and The Poisoned Princess is in 8th for Fantasy.  If you haven’t voted, please consider doing so.  If you have, thanks, and please encourage your friends to vote.  Here are the links:

Misaligned –

The Poisoned Princess –

As always, thanks for your support!

(2 February 2015)  Voting for the 2015 Prize Writer Competition has now opened!  The top three vote receivers in each category not only get bragging rights (very valuable), but also earn cash prizes!  Voting is easy and it’s free.  Here are the links:

The Poisoned Princess is in the Fantasy Category


Misaligned: The Celtic Connection is in the YA Category


(20 January 2015) Misaligned:  The Celtic Connection & The Poisoned Princess (The Warders Book 1) have  both been selected as a FINALISTs in’s Prize Writer Competition!

Prize Writer Finalist 2015Submitted books were evaluated by a panel of independent reviewers with no more than 10 selected in each category.  Winners among the finalists will be determined by public vote which will run 1st February to 28th February 2015, with the announcement of the  winners and the awarding of prizes on World Book Day 5th March 2015.


(11 January 2015) The covers for the paperback editions of both The Counterfeit Count and The Poisoned Princess have been updated. Basically, the old versions were too dark and obscured a lot of the details. The printing on the spine and the back cover was also tough to read. The artist has altered the covers and everything looks great. Please feel free to purchase the paperbacks now. The e-book covers seem to lag a bit – there are still a few outlets showing the older Poisoned Princess cover. I guess they’ve got an inventory or pixels to use up.

(23 December 2014) My publisher is currently experiencing some production issues with the paperback version of The Counterfeit Count.  The e-book version is fine, but if you’re interested in a paperback copy, please wait a few weeks.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Events & Appearances:

2015 – Book Signing & Author Salon at Lift Bridge Bookstore in Brockport, NY

6 January 2015 – Guest Speaker at Barker Road Middle School

16 & 17 December 2014 – Guest Speaker at Calkins Road Middle School

7 December 2014 – Author Extravaganza at Lift Bridge Bookstore in Brockport, NY

18 September 2014 – Keynote Speaker at Honeoye Falls Lima Career Night


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