The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book 4)

Scheduled for release in May 2017 – The Necrotic Knight is the 4th book in the Award Winning Warders series.

Necrotic Knight coverA disciple of the defeated sorceress Skade bargains with the Mistress of Death to become the Necrotic Knight.  In exchange for the power of living death he must claim the hammer of the underworld and free the Necromancer from his magical prison.

The deathly knight’s resurrection activates an ancient binding spell.  The powerful magic compels the Warders to partner with their arch-enemy the Chaotic Order and a mysterious grey clad healer.  Together they embark on a quest to prevent the recovery of the hammer and the release of the Necromancer.

Can the adversaries work together to prevent the Necrotic Knight from freeing the Necromancer or will the world be engulfed in a war between the living and the undead?


An excerpt from The Necrotic Knight:

It was time to decide.  Would they accept his mediation and shake hands?  Or would they reject his call for peace and kill him?  Corlok took a deep breath.  As he exhaled he said, “Choose, will it be peace and life, or war and death?”

Faster than he could imagine two hands grabbed his cloak at his shoulders and raised his head from the ground.  He could feel the beat of his heart in his temples and hear it in his ears.  Had his gambit failed?  Would the two emperors refuse his mediation?  Was he a dead man?

As if in response to his unvoiced questions both emperors clasped their hands together in front of him and said, “We choose peace.”

Corlok’s heart rate slowed.  His maneuver worked.  All that was left was to bind the men and their blood lines to the treaty and its secret protocols.  He placed one hand above their clasped hands and one below.  He glanced quickly toward each man.  Both emperors nodded.  Corlok closed his hands about theirs.  A faint blue glow spread from his wrists across his palms.  It grew stronger as it moved down his fingers.  The energy leapt from his fingertips forming five concentric circles.  The circles grew brighter and larger until they encompassed the hands of all three men.  They started to spin gaining speed until their blur resembled a solid sphere of iridescent blue light.

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