Misaligned Series

Misaligned is a YA fantasy series that seeks to answer the question what happens when String Theory and the Welsh origins of Arthurian legend collide in a small upstate New York town.  Penny Preston a gifted eighth-grader is the Arthurian hero.  Together with her best friend Duncan, her special cat Simon, and a cast of multi-dimensional friends, Penny works to protect our world from the schemes of extra-dimensional creatures.  The series includes some descriptions of fighting against mythical creatures, but no foul language, no drug use, and no sexual scenes of any kind.  If the series were a movie it would receive a PG rating.  Warning – the series does contain allusions to actual historical events and real science.

Excerpts from select reviews:

“Misaligned is a brilliant combination of modern fantasy, Celtic myth and Arthurian legend….this book will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.” (Ellen Fritz of South Africa’s Books4Tomorrow)

“…The action is crisp, the dialogue wonderful, and I can’t praise the author’s imagination enough.”  (Kitty Muse Book Reviews, USA)

“…the fact that the main character is an intelligent and likable teen-aged girl is a definite plus…” (Dana Davis, Award-Winning & Best Selling Author)

More detailed descriptions of each book as well as a full review for each book can be found by clicking on the following links or using the pull down menus.

Misaligned: The Celtic Connection Info

Misaligned: The Silver Scepter Info

Misaligned: The Darkest Day Info

Misaligned_3_Final[1] (2)  Final Cover MSS  Misaligned_Cover


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