Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad

How do Americans die abroad?  With few exceptions (baby animals, grandmothers, and cat videos come to mind) humans seem predisposed to prefer bad news.  Even the aforementioned triumvirate of feel good stories rarely serve as lead stories.  Bad news gets top billing.  The cute stuff sits on the back page or at the end of the broadcast.  It’s primary purpose is to wash away the badness so that tomorrow’s news can hit us again.

In an effort to increase views, add subscribers, and boost the author’s ego, Map Monday is shamelessly joining the parade.  Some readers (all right almost none) may remember we’ve been here before.  Back in November 2015 the blog featured a map of the highest causes of death in each state.  Did that post deliver readers? Sadly no. So why venture into unsuccessful territory again?

A fair question that deserves an answer.  The current cultural climate in both the US and many other countries has changed.  There’s a decidedly anti-us (I’d say xenophobic, but that’s a big word) zeitgeist (Merriam Webster’s word of the day 12/31/16) pervading many countries.  Good jobs, financial stresses, and security are difficult problems to solve.  Difficult problems often demand difficult solutions that might fail.  Leaders aren’t allowed to fail.  What’s a leader to do with problems that can’t be ignored, but involve too much risk to solve?

Fortunately leaders have the answer – blame someone else.  Pointing fingers at other people seems rather childish to me, but that’s part of it’s charm.  Everyone understands it.  Sadly blaming others for your problems works.  I don’t mean that it solves anything.  Generally it doesn’t.  However it’s easy to execute and it deflects anger away from leadership.  What’s not to like about that?

Having said all of that, I fear I’ve strayed a bit from the topic at hand – unnatural ways Americans die abroad. (Map is courtesy of Bloomberg Data).

Part 2 of the formula

While we’re on the subject of death it seems like a good time to introduce the cover and other details for The Necrotic Knight, the fourth book in the Warder series.

Quick Blurb:

The Mistress of Death resurrects the Necrotic Knight to claim the hammer of the underworld and free the Necromancer. The Knight’s return unleashes ancient binding magic, compelling the Warders to partner with their arch-enemy the Chaotic Order and a mysterious grey-clad healer. Can they work together or will the Necromancer’s armies of undead overwhelm the world?

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Here’s a link to a little more than 10 minutes of the cutest kitten videos on the web.

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2 thoughts on “Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad

  1. Gotta say, you create interesting ways to intro your material. Always thinking. I enjoyed the cute kitten video, but fail to understand how it relates to deaths and/or your latest efforts. Oh, yea! It is the light-hearted last story on the evening news.

    Always enjoy your weekly offerings.

    1. Rick, thanks for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. As for the connection to The Necrotic Knight, we are supposed to be creative writers….

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