Map Monday, most common surname in each European country

What is the most common surname in Europe?  As frequent readers know this blog has a deep fascination with names.  Past posts have included my ramblings about how I created fictional character names and fantasy names. In addition to how I create names in my books, I’ve also blogged about popular street names and the most popular European first names.  Perhaps it’s a bit late, but I think it’s time to include a post about the most common surname in each European country.

That brings us to our featured map courtesy of

common European surname

I suspect some of you might be disappointed with this map – especially if like me your linguistic skills are limited to English and the Latin alphabet.  Don’t worry.  Map Monday’s always been about the readers.  You guys are like the US Marines, by which I mean the few, not so much the proud.  For you this post features a second bonus map with English translations of each surname.  How about that for value?

surname translation

The observant among you probably noticed that this map is also from  Besides making it easier to find, it also ensures that the translations match the original map.

Having said that a few things leap out as interesting.  The French surname has the most militaristic origin.  On the flip side, does the most common Russian surname help explain the bluster of so many Russian leaders?  More humorously, the priest’s in eastern Europe seem to procreate rather prodigiously.  As for the Irish, I’m not surprised by Murphy being the most common name.  I’ve known a lot of Murphy’s, but I didn’t know the name’s meaning.  I guess there’s a lot of Viking blood mixed in with the Celtic.

To avoid offending my American readers, especially those named Kevin (you know who you are).  I’ve got an extra-special bonus third map.

famous kevins from each state

Please note if you know of a famous Kevin from Georgia please contact ( the creator of this map.

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  1. Always of interest. Thanks.

    1. Despite appearances (and reality?) I do try my best to be entertaining. Thanks for being one of the few!

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