‘Entanglement’ by Maya Panika

Review of Maya Panika’s ‘Entanglement’ (April 2013):

Entanglement is a paranormal murder mystery that delightfully wanders from the well-trodden romance driven norm for the genre. Grounding her paranormal setting in quantum physics as well as spirituality adds to the reality of Ms. Panika’s world. Her lead character, Angel Copperwheat, is not a hulking heart-throb. Rather, he’s a self-doubting somewhat cowardly academic, who struggles to step into the role of hero. While these wanderings are what makes the story so good, they do require more from the reader. This is not a formulaic light read. Be prepared to think and you will discover a wonderfully written story well worth your time.  Beware this story contains violence imagery and strong language and is not recommended for younger readers.

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