Map Monday, how much snow to cancel school?

How much snow does it take to cancel school?  Astronomically we’re only half-way through autumn, but flakes are already flying in some parts of the country.  As I write this post blizzard-like conditions are in the forecast for the Lake Superior snow belts.  An impending snowstorm brings lots of questions. … Read more“Map Monday, how much snow to cancel school?”

Map Monday, Per capita oddities for each US state

Map Monday continues the popular (by my admittedly subjective standard) series of ‘what each state leads in‘ with a look at per capita oddities.  I’m often asked how I find the maps featured on Map Monday.  As with most things I do, there’s no specific formula.  In this case I… Read more“Map Monday, Per capita oddities for each US state”

Map Monday, Who really discovered America?

Who discovered America?  This simple three word question often elicits strong reactions.  Why?  Primarily because other than a wind-blown Chinese junk the generally accepted answers are all Europeans.  As a fifth-grader I was required to write a paragraph answering this question.  I dutifully wrote several sentences about the expected answer… Read more“Map Monday, Who really discovered America?”