Map Monday, most common surname in each European country

What is the most common surname in Europe?  As frequent readers know this blog has a deep fascination with names.  Past posts have included my ramblings about how I created fictional character names and fantasy names. In addition to how I create names in my books, I’ve also blogged about… Read more“Map Monday, most common surname in each European country”

Map Monday, Jobs for College Grads

For most Americans their homes represent their single largest investment, but times are changing especially for college grads.  The new challenger is a bachelors degree.  The costs to attend college consistently outpace inflation.  Other than healthcare, education costs are rising faster than those in any other sector of the economy. … Read more“Map Monday, Jobs for College Grads”

Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad

How do Americans die abroad?  With few exceptions (baby animals, grandmothers, and cat videos come to mind) humans seem predisposed to prefer bad news.  Even the aforementioned triumvirate of feel good stories rarely serve as lead stories.  Bad news gets top billing.  The cute stuff sits on the back page… Read more“Map Monday, unnatural ways Americans die abroad”