The Moon Stealers The Children of Light (Book 4)

MS4Tim Flanagan’s The Moon Stealers The Children of the Light is the final book in his four book Moon Stealers series. Completing the circle of the original story arc, the tale combines fantasy and science fiction in a fast-paced action adventure set in post-invasion England. In a bit of a flip-flop from the first book Georgia, Steven, and Tracker are now the ones seeking to enter their enemy’s domain on a rescue mission, while the children, Sir Edgar, and their allies from the Faerie world are trying to understand what’s happened since they left. The Moon Stealers remain a threat, but the real enemies are their fellow survivors, especially Coldred’s community on the Isle of Wight.

With all of the action now in the apocalyptic remains of our world Mr. Flanagan once again returns to a multi-threaded writing style, with a new turn. Just when you think he’s tying things together for a predictable finish, he breaks characters off in new directions. These unexpected story arcs provide new twists for the characters and surprises for readers. That’s great story-telling technique and Mr. Flanagan does it well. My only quibble is that the ending sequences for some of the arcs seem a little rushed, although some might say leaving me wanting more is exactly what good writers should do.

Appropriate for tweens there is no foul language or sexual content of any kind. The Moon Stealers The Children of Light features more descriptive action than its predecessors. There are many action sequences with violent content and death, but nothing that ventures into gratuitous. If it was a movie the action sequences are descriptive enough to earn a PG-13 rating. With that qualification, I recommend The Moon Stealers The Children of Light as a fantastic conclusion to Mr. Flanagan’s imaginative fantasy and science fiction adventure series.

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