Are prologues a good idea or should you avoid them?

Prologues, is there a secret to a good one or are they just a bad idea?  To be fair I’m a fan and all of my completed stories (one is published and two are under contract for later this year) include a prologue.  In the further interest of full disclosure,… Read more“Are prologues a good idea or should you avoid them?”

What’s in a fictional name?

Are the names of fictional characters really important?  Many authors struggle over selecting names for their characters.  Some take several chapters to resolve their dilemma.  Fortunately, with the wonder of the modern word processor all it takes is a quick ‘find/replace all’ operation to globally change a character’s name. Does… Read more“What’s in a fictional name?”

Kourageous Kids

I had planned to write a blog about character names.  How I choose them, why I think they’re important, and even reveal some insights into the names I used in the Misaligned series.  However, that’s going to have to wait for another time. I’ve just had a most rewarding experience… Read more“Kourageous Kids”