An author spotlight of me, courtesy of Morgen Bailey

I originally thought to post this information here.  I still might.  However Morgen’s site is full of interesting interviews and spotlights – not to mention she’s awesome – I thought it would be better to point the way to my featured page on her blog.  If you’ve ever wondered why… Read more“An author spotlight of me, courtesy of Morgen Bailey”

Review of ‘Entanglement’ by Maya Panika

Entanglement is a paranormal murder mystery that delightfully wanders from the well-trodden romance driven norm for the genre. Grounding her paranormal setting in quantum physics as well as spirituality adds to the reality of Ms. Panika’s world. Her lead character, Angel Copperwheat, is not a hulking heart-throb. Rather, he’s a… Read more“Review of ‘Entanglement’ by Maya Panika”