Interview with Author Jeff Fuell

Welcome to my blog interviews with novelists, short story authors, scriptwriters, and more. Today’s is with author Jeff Fuell. Armen: Hello, Jeff. Please tell us something about yourself, and how you came to be a writer. Jeff:  Hello. I am a native Texan and love reading, writing, drama and music…. Read more“Interview with Author Jeff Fuell”

Why the Welsh connection to Arthurian legend?

When we think of Celts, at least in the US, many tend to think primarily of the Irish.  While 1 in 7 Americans (46 Million) has some Celtic background – including my children, but obviously not from me – most of them are Irish (36 Millions) or Scottish (6 Million). … Read more“Why the Welsh connection to Arthurian legend?”

What do prime numbers & a YA fantasy have in common?

I’ve participated in several author interviews for other blogs. My most recent is with Morgen in the UK at, Morgen’s Author Interviews.  One question that often comes up is to name something quirky about my writing.  While there are many quirks in any author’s writing, especially one such as me,… Read more“What do prime numbers & a YA fantasy have in common?”