Release of The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book 4)

Do you suffer from abibliophobia1?  Don’t worry.  I’m happy to announce a guaranteed cure for this modern day scourge.  The Necrotic Knight, the fourth book in the Warders series, is now available in all popular ebook formats through Synergebooks, Amazon, and other major ebook vendors. The Warders is an award… Read more“Release of The Necrotic Knight (Warders Book 4)”

Map Monday, gerrymandering US congressional districts

Gerrymandering is the art of drawing political boundaries to benefit a particular party.  The term traces its origins to early 19th century machinations of Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry.  In 1812 the governor approved the creation of convoluted districts that benefited his party.  One of the districts wrapped around the city… Read more“Map Monday, gerrymandering US congressional districts”

Map Monday, most common surname in each European country

What is the most common surname in Europe?  As frequent readers know this blog has a deep fascination with names.  Past posts have included my ramblings about how I created fictional character names and fantasy names. In addition to how I create names in my books, I’ve also blogged about… Read more“Map Monday, most common surname in each European country”