Map Monday, Watkins Glen State Park

If you live outside the Finger Lakes region, you probably associate Watkins Glen with auto racing.  The first Watkins Glen Grand Prix was held in 1948. The race utilized public roads and ran through the heart of the town.  After the death of a seven-year-old spectator the race was moved… Read more“Map Monday, Watkins Glen State Park”

Review of Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon

Review of ‘Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon’ by Frank D Rogers (July 2016): Frank D. Rogers’ Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon presents a fast-paced romantic adventure story with a unique genre-crossing depiction of magic and technology.  He deftly intermingles modern elements with classical high fantasy fixtures.  Readers may scoff at the inclusion… Read more“Review of Supreme Tiger Princess Dragon”

Map Monday, 4th of July Tribute to the Bald Eagle

The bald eagle holds a special place in the hearts of Americans – despite the scathing criticism of Benjamin Franklin.  While he did write that the eagle was a ‘bird of bad moral character,’ and he compared it unfavorably to the turkey, he did not propose the turkey for the… Read more“Map Monday, 4th of July Tribute to the Bald Eagle”