‘Alien Jungle’ by Roxanne Smolen (Book 2)

Review of ‘Alien Jungle’ by Roxanne Smolen (February 2015):

smolen alien jungleAlien Jungle is the second book in Roxanne Smolen’s Colonial Scouts Adventure series. After graduating from the academy the cadets now work as full scouts exploring new worlds and evaluating them for colonization. In addition to the challenges of their new duties, Trace and Impani are now dating.  They struggle to balance the needs of their relationship with their professional aspirations. Things come to a head when Trace is named over Impani as team leader of the first ever Colonial Scout rescue mission to a planet led by Trace’s politically connected and disapproving father. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, Trace also struggles with special orders, which force him to keep secrets from his friends, teammates, and the colonists.


Author Roxanne Smolen skillfully weaves a multi-threaded story arc; deftly deploying cliffhanging segues between scenes to create a wonderful page-turner. Alien Jungle is a compelling science fiction adventure.  It features futuristic technology and bizarre aliens, but it’s about much more than that. The core of this story focuses on Trace overcoming his fears, accepting his weaknesses, and resolving his insecurities. Failure will not only end his career and dash his love-life it will also cost him his best chance to reconnect with his father. The book may be set in the distant future, but this is a tale that resonates with people from any time.


Alien Jungle features action sequences, numerous battles, and the angst of young love. Smolen treats all of them in an age appropriate manner. Using the movie ratings system Alien Jungle scores a rating of PG. Appropriate for teens and even pre-teens who are solid readers, it will also appeal to crossover adults interested in reconnecting to their inner teen. A fun-filled adventure, I highly recommend Alien Jungle.

**In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy of this book **

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